Book Review: Memories Of Us by Fabiola Francisco

My Review: I’ve been looking forward to Hunter’s book for awhile now and it was good. It’s a second chance romance which is one of my favorites.  Hunter and Mackenzie were high school sweet hearts who had everything planned for their happily ever after. But things don’t always work out as planned. This story was

Book Review: The Bachelor Auction by J.C. Reed

My Review: I have to say novellas are pretty much hit or miss for me and this one was a hit! This is my first time reading anything by this author and I enjoyed the story, the plot flowed and the characters were enjoyable. I loved the tension between Tyler and Emily throughout the story,

Blog Tour+Review: Screwed by Kelly Jamieson

Beth’s Review:  It was forbidden.  Feelings that he kept to himself. Lost himself in faceless women and meaningless relationships.  Cash was in a difficult spot.  His  business partner was also the ex-wife of the woman who he was in love with.  Once Callie got a divorce, she had to find herself.  But she also leaned

New Release+Review: Scoring The Quarterback by S.M. Soto

Beth’s Review:  College football, young love, social pressures, friendships and a happily ever after.  Acquaintances to friends to lovers.  Such an emotional ride for Natalia and Luke.   A project that opened many doors.  Can their door to love and happiness remain open? Scoring the Quarterback was well written and the characters flowed smoothly.  I