New Release+Review: Cade (The Agency Book 1) by Golden Czermak

Shelly’s Review:  Czermak is one author who can pretty much write any genre and knocks it out of the park! I’ve been reading his books for the longest time and his craft just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been waiting for this book since I saw a post on Facebook. This book touches on

New Release+Review: Without Apology by Aubrey Bondurant

Beth’s Review:  A different twist on work relationship. But the same powerful pull in the office dynamics.  First time reading anything from Audrey Bondurant and would definitely like to read the next series. Simon and Peyton are yin & yang.  However, they’re opposites and they complement each other perfectly.  Both have drive, ambition and determination. 

Audio Tour Review: #The Best Ever by Deanna Wadsworth

Shelly’s Review:  I really enjoyed this audio book! This was my first time listening to Terrence Leonardo and he did a wonderful job with the story. He brought the characters to life and he nailed each and every emotion. I listened to this story in one sitting and I am so sad that is over.

New Release+Review: Weather The Storm by L.K. Farlow

Shelly’s Review: I have been not so patiently waiting for Simon and Magnolia’s book and it didn’t disappoint me one bit! Simon and Magnolia have been tap dancing around each other but are thrown together in an unconventional way. Once this happens we have the makings of a beautiful relationship. I loved the slow burn