Blog Tour: Cupcake Explosion by Bethany Lopez

My Review:  This was a cute story from one of my favorite series. I loved the cast of characters and the friendships that they have with each other. The book picks up right where we left off and Lila and Cade are planning their wedding. I’ve been looking forward to them getting married and I

Review Tour: Another One by Aleatha Romig

My Review: I have been a big fan of the these lighter side of Aleatha Romig books. Back when she wrote as Jade Sinner I would gobble these novellas up! Now we have fuller length novels and I’m in heaven!! Trevor and Shana meet one night while they are both in town for a wedding.

New Release+Review: Come As You Are by Lauren Blakely

Shelly’s Review: I really loved the whole masquerade aspect of this story.  I’ve always wanted to attend one but that’s another story! In this book we meet Flynn who is a hot nerd multimillionaire. It took me a minute but then I made the connection that he is Dylan from Stud Finders twin brother! I

New Release+Review: Love Broken by J.D. Hollyfield

Title: Love Broken Author: JD Hollyfield Genre: RomCom/Contemporary Romance Release: February 26, 2018 Goodreads: Blurb: My name is Katie Beller, but the world, as of late, knows me as Bailey Swan, the love guru behind my bestselling book.Want the shortened version? Here it is: Love was stupid.A fake. A farceLove was broken. Women everywhere were eating

Review Tour: Paradise Found by Sarah O’Rourke

Blurb:   Samantha “The Body” Dixon had once been a famous runway model who’d walked every catwalk from Paris to Milan and back again. When her career abruptly comes to a screeching halt, this leggy blonde sets out to prove she’s got a whole lot more to offer than just a pretty face and killer rack

New Release+Review: Tap That by Jennifer Blackwood and RC Boldt

Title: Tap That Authors: Jennifer Blackwood & RC Boldt Genre: Romantic Comedy  Release Date: March 6, 2018 Blurb The beer’s not the only thing getting tapped. CALLIE I have a secret. It’ll get me fired if my boss ever finds out…which shouldn’t be a problem except for one thing: my coworker, Reid Morgan. He’s cocky,

Audio Review: Man Hands by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

He puts the “screw” in screwball comedy… BRYNNAt thirty-four, I’m reeling from a divorce. I don’t want to party or try to move on. I just want to stay home and post a new recipe on my blog: Brynn’s Dips and Balls.But my friends aren’t having it. Get out there again, they say. It will be fun, they say.

New Release+Review: Fool Me Twice by Lilliana Anderson

Title: Fool Me Twice Author: Lilliana Anderson Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Release Date: February 21, 2018 ‘Some husbands bought their wives flowers, others bought jewellery. Mine? He returned the things he stole.’ I should have known better. Hot guys didn’t hit on big girls without an agenda. They didn’t approach them in bars and talk their way