New Review: Predator (The Hunt Book 1) by Liz Meldon

My Review:  Moira is a 23 year old college student. She’s been living a normal life and one thing everything started to change. Moira has a feeling something is going on but can’t pinpoint what exactly is the cause of everything. Severus is an incubus and male escort. He’s lived a life of solitude and

Blog Tour: Cupcake Explosion by Bethany Lopez

My Review:  This was a cute story from one of my favorite series. I loved the cast of characters and the friendships that they have with each other. The book picks up right where we left off and Lila and Cade are planning their wedding. I’ve been looking forward to them getting married and I

Review Tour: Another One by Aleatha Romig

My Review: I have been a big fan of the these lighter side of Aleatha Romig books. Back when she wrote as Jade Sinner I would gobble these novellas up! Now we have fuller length novels and I’m in heaven!! Trevor and Shana meet one night while they are both in town for a wedding.

New Review: Lead Me Home by A.L. Jackson

My Review: I have been waiting for Ollie’s book since Follow Me Back. Ollie is alpha, broody and demanding. Nikki is headstrong and stubborn. I love these two combinations without a doubt. But things weren’t always this way and after something unthinkable happens and they both change. I love me a second chance romance especially

New Release+Review: Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two by Lynn Turner

My Review:  So this was my very first time reading anything by this author and I really liked the story. I haven’t read a lot of books that focused on ballerina dancing. The author did a wonderful job describing all the hard work that goes on to create these shows. It felt like I was

Review Tour: The Replacement Wife by Britney King

My Review: This was an enjoyable read by Britney King. I loved the whole cult aspect and I loved how Melanie was one step ahead. The story was told in dual point of view and I loved seeing thoughts from both Melanie and Tom. I enjoyed each of their backstory as well. Neither of them

Blog Tour+Review: All Of You by Fabiola Francisco

Shelly’s Review:  This was my favorite book of the series hands down. I love books that have single dads but it was refreshing to read about a single mother. Jason surprised me so much in this story. Out of all the guys in this series I didn’t expect him to fall for a single mother.

New Release+Review: Merciless by Gina L. Maxwell

My Review: I’ve been waiting for Austin’s book and it did not disappoint at all. If you’ve read the other books in the series you will find out each guy has a sexual kink. Austin’s is a little extreme and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I would react while reading. I have to

Blog Tour+Review: Rising (Vincent and Eve Book 1) by Jessica Ruben

Shelly’s Review: So one day I was on Facebook minding my business when I got a private message from a book friend telling me I HAD TO READ THIS BOOK!!!! So I clicked on the link with the book info and said to myself okay this sounds good. A few minutes later I get another